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At SportsPlus Physiotherapy we have embraced telehealth as an adjunct to the service we provide. Telehealth as a treatment option has really come to the fore in light of the COVID 19 pandemic as a safe platform to deliver exercise, advice, and education to patients in the comfort of their own home.

While it has many advantages for patients, we understand that it is not for everybody. Some people are not comfortable with technology or do not have access to the hardware or Wi-Fi required to utilise telehealth at home. Some people just want or need to be seen face to face for assessment and treatment.

We offer telehealth to everybody and would recommend that all patients consider using a telehealth call for initial assessment. We find it an excellent and safe way to conduct an initial consultation to gather information on the injury, medical history, and the day to day stresses on the body. We are also able to conduct a visual physical assessment via telehealth assessing movement. Once this is complete, we can discuss whether a face to face appointment is required to further assess and treat the presenting problem.

Whether you attend the clinic in person or via telehealth all exercise prescription is done via telehealth. We will e-mail you a link to access your rehab program. This will contain videos of your exercises and detailed description of each exercise including how many you need to do and how often. We can also send you educational material to help you learn more about your condition and outcome measures, which are questionnaires you fill out to give us more information on how your condition is affecting you and its impact on your life.

The platform we use to deliver telehealth also allows us to monitor your progress through your rehab journey if you so wish. You have the option to check in with us each time you complete your rehab to let us know how you are feeling on a daily basis and also an option to contact us through the app with your queries or concerns. This way we are by your side (virtually) throughout, so you do not have to go it alone.

All we would ask is that you consider telehealth as an option and give it a go. It may not be for you, but you may be surprised!

If you want more information please contact us at SportsPlus Physiotherapy on 067 42837 or via e-mail on info@sportsplus.ie.

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