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At Sportsplus Physiotherapy Clinic we work with many local employers in providing a physiotherapy service to their business. The service we provide is tailored to the needs of the business. The aim of the service is to prevent injury at work, address injury when it does happen in an effective and timely manner, and to ensure that the risk of reinjury to the individual is minimised.

We offer employers feedback on an individual’s prognosis and progress after each session, as long as the employee consents to this. Businesses are billed monthly at a reduced rate. We can do progress reports for employers, onward referral or prepare reports to update occupational health services that may be involved with the business on an employee’s musculoskeletal health status. This service is free to businesses that use us as their physiotherapy provider.

We have had excellent feedback on our Occupational Health service to date and employers have found that it has saved them in terms of direct cost, increased productivity, and reduced days off work. They find our strategy of frequent communication a great benefit as it enables all key stakeholders to be on the same page in terms of an individual’s injury management strategy.

If you wish to discuss options for your business and your specific needs with us please call us on 067 42837 or e-mail us on info@sportsplus.ie.

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