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One of the many things we love about physiotherapy is its constantly evolving technologies and innovations which aim to measure variables which have previously been unquantifiable and to enable new approaches to the treatment and management of injuries and conditions. In order to be able to embrace new developments it is really important to keep up with the latest research. At SportsPlus Physiotherapy we are constantly reading and updating our knowledge on the latest research emerging in our areas.

This knowledge is important is enabling us to adapt our treatment strategies in a meaningful way to the benefit of our patients. For all the innovation in physiotherapy, unfortunately, a large amount of it is not evidence based, practical, ethical or useful for that matter. We like to educate our patients on the how and why behind the way we do things and we feel that this is a very important part of enabling patients understand their journey to health.

Our quest for innovation has taken us to many conferences and trade shows. We also have our own innovative ideas on which we have collaborated with several third-level institutions and continue to do so.

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