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Desk Based Work

Ger Corcoran, MISCP, February 2022 In the past few decades, the workforce of the world has been largely transitioning to more sedentary based work with the boom in Tech and automation of many physical jobs. And throw Covid into the mix where people, over the past two years have been asked to work from home […]

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The Painkiller Epidemic.

John Casey MISCP MScSportsMed. February 2021. Pain is not pleasant. People in severe pain will do almost anything to ease it and the quicker the better! The first thing most people will want to do is get medication but is this the correct means of managing pain?  Well in certain circumstances yes but you need […]

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Is CrossFit Safe?

January 2021. John Casey MISCP MScSportsMed. I get this question often in SportsPlus Physiotherapy. The answer is ‘not entirely’. But what form of aerobic exercise is completely safe? (Here’s where the pedantics among us take a minute)! So, the question that really needs to be asked is what is the injury risk with CrossFit and, […]

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To MRI or not to MRI? That is the question.

The use of MRI as a means of imaging the body has become very common practice. Between 2014 and 2019 there has been a 16% increase in the use of imaging within the NHS. 1. Most health insurance policies include a free MRI every year and even if paying for one themselves, the cost of […]

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