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Years of experience in physiotherapy

John Casey

MISCP MScSportsMed

John is a chartered physiotherapist and is director of Sportsplus Physiotherapy Clinic which was established in Nenagh in 2008.
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Owen Higginbotham

MISCP BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy

Owen graduated with a first class honours MSc degree in physiotherapy from the University of Limerick.
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Prehabilitation and Physiotherapy Services

Sports Injuries

We have extensive experience of dealing with athletes from club to International grade, recreational to professional, among a wide variety of sports.

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Spinal Pain

A large proportion of what we see in SportsPlus Physiotherapy are spinal conditions. These vary greatly from the chronic lower back pain to athletic back pain.

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Pre & Post Op. Rehab.

Treatment of back and neck pain fromoccupational or accidental injury, repetitive strain injury, electrotherapy and provision of braces and supports

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Telehealth has come to the fore in the light of COVID 19 as a safe platform to deliver exercise, advice, and education to patients in the comfort of their own home.

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Orthotics are a compensatory device that are used to correct a sub-optimal foot position in people who are having problems of a biomechanical origin.

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Chronic Pain and Disability

Many people are living with chronic pain. The term ‘chronic’ in medicine does not mean ‘very bad’, it means long-term.

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Occupational Health

At Sportsplus Physiotherapy Clinic we work with many local employers in providing a physiotherapy service to their business.

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At SportsPlus Physiotherapy we are constantly updating our knowledge on the latest research emerging in our areas.

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Our Blog

Latest News & Opinion in Physiotherapy

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The Painkiller Epidemic.

John Casey MISCP MScSportsMed. February 2021. Pain is not pleasant. People in severe pain will do almost anything to ease it and the quicker the better! The first thing most people will want to do is get medication but is this the correct means of managing pain?  Well in certain circumstances yes but you need […]

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Is CrossFit Safe?

January 2021. John Casey MISCP MScSportsMed. I get this question often in SportsPlus Physiotherapy. The answer is ‘not entirely’. But what form of aerobic exercise is completely safe? (Here’s where the pedantics among us take a minute)! So, the question that really needs to be asked is what is the injury risk with CrossFit and, […]

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To MRI or not to MRI? That is the question.

The use of MRI as a means of imaging the body has become very common practice. Between 2014 and 2019 there has been a 16% increase in the use of imaging within the NHS. 1. Most health insurance policies include a free MRI every year and even if paying for one themselves, the cost of […]

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The strongest predictor of physical disability in older adults is physical inactivity.

Welcome to our November blog. The aim of this blog is to keep you up to date with developments in the world of research that may be related to you. We hope to keep the blogs short, relevant and as light on technical speak as we can. In the current climate, both physical and figurative, […]

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The latest research in Physiotherapy

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Relationships Between Profiles of Physical Activity and Major
Mobility Disability in the LIFE Study

Jason Fanning, PhD,* W. Jack Rejeski, PhD,* Shyh-Huei Chen, PhD,† Jack Guralnik, MD,‡Marco Pahor, MD,§ and Michael E. Miller, PhD†


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