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Why run?

Coming into the fine weather people are increasingly turning their minds to outdoor pursuits. The layers of winter clothes are slowly being peeled off to reveal the effects of winter and a sedentary lifestyle. People are wondering what they can do to tone up a bit while enjoying the weather. If the body is up to it and if you are willing to take a sensible approach to it the only way to get in shape as far as I am concerned is to run.

I’ll give you a few reasons why.

1)      Running is one of the top ways to burn fat. In fact only cross country skiing beats it as regards burning calories per minute. Believe it or not you still burn fat even after you have finished! This is called EPOC (excess post oxygen consumption).

2)      Running maintains bone strength, joint health and prevents muscle loss. Bones adapt to the impacts of foot strike and it helps prevent osteoporosis when done sensibly, with correct footwear and to a programme. It slows the effects of aging on the body.

3)      Running keeps you healthy. It improves your immune system by increasing the amount of white blood cells in the body, reduces the incidence of clots, reduces high blood pressure, reduces the risk of heart disease, reduces risk of cancer and reduces the risk of diabetes. These are only some of the benefits. Even with the minimum amount of physical activity it has been shown that you will live longer. Studies have shown that non-smokers can gain up to 3 years on their lives.

4)      Research has shown that fitter older adults score better in mental tests than unfit peers. So if you want to stay mentally sharp, try running now.

5)      Running gives you a huge sense of achievement, confidence and improved body image.

6)      Running makes you happier. It is a great way to deal with anxiety or depression and gives you a natural high each time you do it. It is a great way of reducing stress by getting away on your own, taking out your frustrations, having time to think and letting nature calm you down.

7)      Running helps your concentration and focus which transfers into other areas of your life. It makes you mentally resilient and teaches you to set and stick to realistic goals.

8)      You can run anytime, anywhere for no cost and you can do it to any level you wish.

So as you can see it really does not make any sense not to run! It is a good idea to have a physical before you begin running if you have never tried it before so contact your GP for a medical and Sportsplus Physiotherapy Clinic for a musculoskeletal screening and a training plan.

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