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Pelvic floor exercises….how do I do them?

Although it may seem easy, finding and activating the pelvic floor muscles isn’t always that straight forward. And if you’ve secretly been thinking…”am I doing these lifty squeezy exercises right”, then you’re not alone.

The majority of women will do these exercises wrong when taught verbally.  In light of this, the most important thing in my experience is to get your hands on. Yes, your hands! Finding the pelvic floor and understanding where the muscles are will help you do the correct technique.

The pelvic floor is a layer of muscles about the size of your biceps, that goes from your pubic bone at the front to your tailbone at the back and spreads out to attach to your sit bones either side. It has three openings along it in women. Only two in men (but we’re not worried about those men here!). The strongest part of this muscle group is around your back passage. And so to engage the pelvic floor we focus at first around this opening.

So George Clooney has just walked into your kitchen, and you don’t want to break wind in front of him….who would! So you gently draw in around your back passage as if you’re stopping yourself from passing wind, closing the opening continue to lift the muscle upwards, bringing this contraction to the front of the muscles, towards your pubic bone. Try this exercise first in lying, to eliminate gravity and make things a little easier for your pelvic floor. Count out loud to ten and take note of how many seconds you can hold a good contraction. It may be 3, 5 or even 10 seconds. Everyone will be different. If you can hold for 3 seconds then this is what you work at. You might be able to do this 5 times before your pelvic floor fatigue. If that’s the case then your personalised workout is 3 second hold, 5 times.

So what If your still not sure if you’re doing them right? Well here’s where the hands on comes in. Lying on your side, place one or two fingers onto your perineum (this is the skin between your back passage and vagina). Repeat the contraction as above and you should feel this piece of skin lift.  You can also self palpate the pelvic floor internally, please See the link attached for a nice clip on both of these techniques;

If you’re sure how to do this exercise or can’t feel if you’re doing them right then make an appointment to see Eimear at the clinic (067 42837)for a full assessment or call/text her directly on her mobile 086 3576823.

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