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The Importance of Sleep when Training

Welcome to our new and exciting Sport Plus Blog which over the coming weeks will feature some great tips for those of you training hard and it will also introduce to you some developing area’s here in the clinic for Women’s Health, a Corporate division and an Active-Retired section. We hope you enjoy it and encourage you to connect with us to give us your feedback and any questions we can help with.

For our introductory Blog we are looking to the GAA season, after the toil of the winter months its finally going to be put in action on the GAA fields across Tipperary this weekend. With the new structure to the county championship there is some very interesting ties in store with many supporters looking for directions driving through unfamiliar areas of the county.

Inevitably these fixtures will throw up some injuries and many of these will be unavoidable. What is in the control of players however is how these injuries are managed and initial management has a major impact on time out of sport due to injury.

Our key focus in this blogpost is on the importance and researched benefits of sleep, a recent study published this year by the Journal of Sports Science (Waterhouse) documented that “an afternoon nap decreased sleepiness, increased alertness and lowered heart rate and intra-aural temperature. Short-term memory and accuracy at the 8-choice reaction time improved. Mean reaction time and grip strength remained unchanged. Mean 2-m sprint time improved from 1.060 s without nap to 1.019 s with nap. Mean 20-m sprint time also improved, from 3.971 s to 3.878 s.”

The authors concluded that short lunch-time sleep improves alertness and various aspects of physical and mental performance after partial sleep loss. Napping has a potential benefit for athletes with restricted sleep time during training or before competition.

It seems our Latin cousins have been leading the way for generations with their “Siesta’s” during the day as the more quality rest you have the greater your performance. Check out our website or call us on 067-42837 or

Good luck to all and may the games be hard, fast and injury free!!

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