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Sports Plus Physio

Welcome to Sportsplus Physiotherapy.

We specialise in the prevention, assessment, diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries in the sporting and non-sporting population.

We develop appropriate and graded rehabilitation programmes for our clients through thorough and accurate assessment and we consider patient education on their particular condition to be of primary importance.

Our experience includes working with a variety of conditions and injuries in non-sporting, casual, amateur and professional sports people of many sporting disciplines and levels.

At present, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are working remotely and have the ability to assess you and create a rehabilitation program for you online. Obviously it means we don't get to do any hands on intervention but we do get to spend more time on getting an accurate history and picture of how your problem is affecting your life and working with you in working out how best to solve it. Call us and we will explain how this system is working for physios across the world at the moment. Our Service Our Physios

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SportsPlus is located in Unit 25 Quintin's Way, Nenagh, Co Tipperary. Use the handy map to the right to get directions straight to our door.

Phone: 067 42837
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